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Aug 06

How to design marketing communications for radio

A broadcast medium such as radio can be very effective in reaching a key demographic. Because most radio stations are limited to a particular genre of music – such as

Aug 03

Improve your Instagram marketing efforts in 2020

There are around 1 billion active users of Instagram, marketing and half of them use the social media platform on a daily basis. It’s no wonder that countless businesses and

Aug 03

Must-Have Digital Marketing Skills in 2020

As of the end of October 2019, digital there were approximately 4.48 billion people who used the Internet. Given the fact that there were  4.021 billion users in 2018, it

Jul 31

What are the steps in a digital PR campaign?

Digital PR performs well. It doesn’t just ‘perform’  – it works extremely well if you make use of it in the correct way. Digital PR only works well when it’s supported

Jul 29

What is a holistic marketing orientation?

A holistic marketing approach looks at a business with all its connected components as a whole. Customers, employees, suppliers and the community at large are carefully considered. The strategy comprises of integrated

Jul 26

What are the benefits of digital magazines?

Just like a newspaper, magazines have been significantly affected by the impact of the Internet. With so much information available nowadays online, advertisers, as well as readers, are accessing content on

Jul 24

Traditional and Digital Marketing Must Go

The internet is widely used for digital marketing – as a promotional tool, a distribution channel and sometimes as the product itself. But is marketing via social media platforms always

Jul 22

why video marketing is important on social media

Did you know that engagement rates on social media and emails go through the roof when they incorporate video elements? People want to consume content without much effort from their

Jul 20

8 Marketing metrics to focus on in 2020

What started as a pretty normal year has turned into a nightmare, Marketing as the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head to put an end to a decade’s worth of