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Mar 24

9 of the Best Apps for Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Your office hours may be 9-5 (ok, in theory) but the world of marketing is round the clock! In fact, it’s likely that candidates will be most active on your channels

Mar 23

COVID-19: An Online Marketing Survival Guide

COVID The stock market has been tumbling. In China, five million people lost their jobs during January and February. As of March 14th, 18% of American adults reported that they had been

Mar 19

6 Questions For Digital Marketing Success

A good digital strategy and integrated marketing plan are complicated. It’s overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the tactics and execution, but they make up two of the most important

Mar 17

6 Benefits of Digital over Traditional Marketing!

Traditional Marketing is extremely important for every business, as they want all the consumers to know about the brand. Digital Marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices like computers,

Mar 14

What is Viral Marketing? Is It a Viable Tactic

Viable is something of an enigma. We’ve all seen examples of it: Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” campaign, the “Squatty Potty” unicorn ad, or heck, even the “Selfies on iPhone X”

Mar 12

The Best Marketing Automation Software for 2020

Marketing automation is becoming an increasingly dominant force in the marketing industry today, with over 51% of businesses currently using it in some way. Automation in marketing takes many forms. You could

Mar 04

Online Promotion – 5 Free Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies Startup owners need to be extremely cautious with their money if they want to survive their first year. This is the most sensitive period for every small business

Mar 03

Best Seven Reasons to Study Marketing

If you are contemplating a career in business, and more specifically the marketing side of things, this article may help persuade you into studying it at university. Here are seven

Feb 28

9 of the Marketing Channels for Recruiting in 2020

Channels The recruitment landscape is changing, and our marketing strategies need to change with it. We no longer have the luxury of cherry-picking from pools of active candidates; candidates choose

Dec 18

Top 5 Marketing Rules to Succeed in 2019

Marketing Rules The world of marketing evolves very fast. It’s like one day you might be practicing one technique and the next thing you know it’s obsolete. Therefore, it is