Jul 11

4 unique digital marketing tools

Did you know that remote digital marketing numbers are set to skyrocket after COVID-19? More people are realising that working from home is safer, quieter (in most cases), and sometimes

Jul 08

The marriage of sales and marketing

Sales – in addition to – marketing are very frequently seen as two separate departments within an organisation. Although their day-to-day operations are focused on different aspects of the customer

Jul 07

How to master Instagram marketing

Instagram , marketing owned by Facebook, is arguably the world’s most popular social media channel. Millions of people post all sorts of content on a daily basis, in hopes that

Jul 04

5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Thrust into a state of isolation, Inspiring we have all had to adapt to a more solitary existence, relying increasingly on the hyper-connective capabilities of the digital world, as well

Jun 30

The Future Of Digital Marketing

The Future digital marketing landscape is changing constantly. That why it’s crucial to always stay ahead of trends and implement the same in time. Metrics used to measure digital marketing

Jun 28

What is the value chain in digital marketing?

Traditionally, value chains are known as the individual steps that go into making a product or service from developing a concept through to actually going to market. Companies can conduct

Jun 27

How to Hiring the right marketing agency

Hiring a marketing agency is easy. There are so many different agencies out there, and they’ve all got cool logos. What they might not have are the traits needed to

Jun 25

What’s the role of social media in digital marketing?

From increased sales to improved brand awareness and SEO, social media marketing has certainly become a must-have in any marketing mix. Digital marketing is about reaching the right audience, at the right time, with

Jun 24

Modifying your marketing plan during COVID-19

during There’s no playbook for promoting your business in the middle of a pandemic. This is new to all of us. But there is one thing that is for sure:

Jun 21

Advertising and Marketing During a Recession

Advertising This is the secret of successful entrepreneurs like Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, who famously said of the 1990 recession: “I thought about it, and decided not to take