Apr 30

ITEC Courses – Study Guides to Help Pass Your Exams

ITEC are an international examining body which offer the following courses; Beauty TherapyHairdressingHolistic MassageReflexologyAromatherapySports MassageFitness So far they are based in 38 countries around the world including UK, Ireland, USA

Apr 24

The Market for Distance Learning Programs

The market for distance learning programs is divided into three segments specifically K-12 Learning, Higher Education Learning and Corporate Learning. It should be clear that "distance learning" in today's practice

Apr 18

FTO Analysis – Check If Your Product Is Infringing Someone's Patent

Do you know if you use someone's intellectual property in your product / service or other business activities without permission, it can create a lot of problems in the future?

Apr 12

How to Make Your Copywriting Stick Out Like a Fart in Study Hall

If you want to know a secret way of using all the scams and con artists in your market to your advantage when writing your ads and sales letters, then

Apr 06

Stock Market Forecasting – Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Market forecasting is a challenging part of stock market analysis as market prediction has become the most complex task of an analyst. Market forecasting helps a trader to choose the

Mar 31

The Garden of Eden and the Four Keys For Dominating the Market Place

I spent years trying to study the world monopolists and stupendously rich men to find out the secrets for dominating the marketplace. Then one day, I heard Dr Myles Munroe

Mar 25

How to Motivate Your Client to Go For Good Design on the Onset of a Product Launch

Launching a new business or a new product is always tricky, especially with today's more competitive landscape. As much as business people want to be profitable, there is no escaping

Mar 19

Future of Algorithmic Trading in India – Reshaping the Stock Market

Algorithmic Trading uses automated pre-programmed trading conditions to execute orders in real-time in stock exchange. Since 2008, algorithmic trading has gained prominence in Indian markets and they are efficiently utilising

Mar 13

How to Select the Perfect Stock Market Training Or Technical Analysis Course

If you are looking to really learn how the stock market works, then you are probably looking around for a Stock Market Training Course. There are many training courses out

Mar 07

The Key To Effective Project Financing

Funding is at the heart of every real estate project. In my previous article I discussed the disparity of financial benefits between direct cash investment and bank financing. Profit is