Author: Dwayne Jordan

Jul 26

What are the benefits of digital magazines?

Just like a newspaper, magazines have been significantly affected by the impact of the Internet. With so much information available nowadays online, advertisers, as well as readers, are accessing content on

Jul 24

Traditional and Digital Marketing Must Go

The internet is widely used for digital marketing – as a promotional tool, a distribution channel and sometimes as the product itself. But is marketing via social media platforms always

Jul 22

why video marketing is important on social media

Did you know that engagement rates on social media and emails go through the roof when they incorporate video elements? People want to consume content without much effort from their

Jul 20

8 Marketing metrics to focus on in 2020

What started as a pretty normal year has turned into a nightmare, Marketing as the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head to put an end to a decade’s worth of

Jul 11

4 unique digital marketing tools

Did you know that remote digital marketing numbers are set to skyrocket after COVID-19? More people are realising that working from home is safer, quieter (in most cases), and sometimes

Jul 08

The marriage of sales and marketing

Sales – in addition to – marketing are very frequently seen as two separate departments within an organisation. Although their day-to-day operations are focused on different aspects of the customer

Jul 07

How to master Instagram marketing

Instagram , marketing owned by Facebook, is arguably the world’s most popular social media channel. Millions of people post all sorts of content on a daily basis, in hopes that

Jul 04

5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Thrust into a state of isolation, Inspiring we have all had to adapt to a more solitary existence, relying increasingly on the hyper-connective capabilities of the digital world, as well

Jun 30

The Future Of Digital Marketing

The Future digital marketing landscape is changing constantly. That why it’s crucial to always stay ahead of trends and implement the same in time. Metrics used to measure digital marketing

Jun 28

What is the value chain in digital marketing?

Traditionally, value chains are known as the individual steps that go into making a product or service from developing a concept through to actually going to market. Companies can conduct